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"101 + Disc Brakes +Original Wheels"

Had Sir Winston Churchill read the above comment in one of his briefing papers, his response would to have simply placed the following next to the heading;

Probable response from Sir Winston Churchill As a busy man, he was not one to mince or waste his words, and hence this was a quick way of, shall we say, disagreeing with the written statement.

Billing 2002 saw the release of what Zeus understand to be a world's first, and that is, a disc brake system for the 101 that still uses the original wheels.

With over 15 years experience in designing and building disc brake systems, the 101 was certainly an interesting challenge. The final solution was brilliant yet simple, and now provides 101 owners with the opportunity to join the rest of the Land Rover community and experience the benefits of disc brakes.

Zeus 101 Disc Brake Conversion Kit

The Zeus 101 Disc Brake kit, is simple to install, as can be seen in the following photos.

Stripped hub, ready for installation of Zeus 101 Disc Brake Kit

Side view of retainer

Caliper retaining plate fitted

Top, side view

Final setup,inside view

Ready for Billing 2002

Launch Day at Billing 2002-3 happy chaps: Graham, Phillip, Roger

101 front axle with Zeus Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Orders are being taken for the next batch of Zeus 101 Disc Brake Kits. This product will be manufactured in batches, and not sold ex stock, due to the specialised nature of this kit.

Place your order now to put discs on your 101.

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