1935 Australian Jamboree
Who and Where

The Frankston Jamboree was attended by Scouts from all Australian states and the territories, together with Scouts from Belgium, Canada, Ceylon, England, Fiji, France, Holland - East Indies, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Java, Japan, Malaya, Nauru, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, United States of America, and Wales.

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The Jamboree camp was divided into five sub-camps. Overseas contingents were distributed over all sub-camps. Each of the five was divided into various contingents and large parties were broken into smaller groups.

On the map of the camp site, sub-camps are distinguished by the use of the figures 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Contingent camps are marked alphabetically, and from the key it is possible to pick out on the map the camping place of any party.

Other features of the camp are indicated distinctly on the map. Here is the key to contingents:

No.1 Sub-Camp - The Forrest Camp
Colour - Red

Sub-Camp Chief - Dr. F. LOVEGROVE (Chief Commissioner, Western Australia).

Overseas - U.S.A., Java, Fiji and Nauru, Malaya. Interstate - New South Wales, West Australia. Victorian Counties - Sunraysia, Ballarat, Campaspe, North Eastern, Avoca and Loddon. Victorian Districts - Footscray and Williamstown, Melbourne and Abbotsford, Brighton, Toorak, Garden Vale, Richmond, Lone Scouts.


1A - Melbourne and Abbotsford, 1B - Ballarat, 1C - Footscray and Williamstown, 1D - New South Wales, 1E - Malaya, 1F - Campaspe, 1G - Brighton, 1H - Garden Vale, 1J - Western Australia, 1K - North Eastern, 1L - Java, 1M - Sunraysia, 1N - Fiji and Nauru, 1O - Lone Scouts, 1P - Avoca and Loddon, 1Q - U.S.A., 1R - Richmond, 1S - Toorak.

No.2 Sub-Camp - The Wentworth Camp
Colour - Blue

Sub-Camp Chief - Col. J. M. MAUGHAN (Chief Commissioner, New South Wales).

Overseas - France, Hong Kong. Interstate - New South Wales, South Australia. Victorian Counties - Kara Gladstone, Central Goulburn, Goulburn Valley, Grampians, Wimmera, Yarriambiac, Murray Valley. Victorian Districts - Camberwell, Kew, Hawthorn.


2A - New South Wales, 2B - Camberwell, 2C - Murray Valley, 2D - Hong Kong, 2E - Kew, 2F - Central Goulburn, 2G - Goulburn Valley, 2H - Hawthorn, 2J - France, 2K - Kara Gladstone, 2L - Yarriambiac, 2M - Grampians, 2N - Free, 2O - Wimmera, 2P - South Australia.

No.3 Sub-Camp - The Hindmarsh Camp
Colour - White

Sub-Camp Chief - Dr. C. T. MADIGAN (Chief Commissioner, South Australia).

Overseas - Ceylon. Interstate - New South Wales, South Australia. Victorian Counties - Bendigo, Swan Hill, Yarra Valley, Kerang. Victorian Districts - Heidelberg, Oakleigh, Prahran, Sandringham, Brunswick, Essendon and Flemington.


3A - Essendon and Flemington, 3B - Yarra Valley, 3D - Ceylon, 3E - Bendigo, 3F - Sandringham, 3G - South Australia, 3H - Prahran, 3J - Swan Hill, 3K - Kerang, 3L - New South Wales, 3M - Oakleigh, 3N - Heidelberg, 3O - Brunswick.

No.4 Sub-Camp - The Tasman Camp
Colour - Maroon

Sub-Camp Chief - S. W. STEANE, Esq., B.A. (Chief Commissioner, Tasmania).

Overseas - India, Hungary, United Kingdom. Interstate - New South Wales, Tasmania. Victorian Counties - Mornington, McMillan. Victorian Districts - Malvern, Northcote, Preston, Albert Park, Coburg, 9th Malvern.


4A - New South Wales, 4B - Coburg, 4C - Northcote and Preston, 4D - Albert Park, 4E - Mornington, 4F - Free, 4G - United Kingdom, 4H - Gippsland, 4J - Hungary, 4K -9th Malvern, 4L - Malvern, 4M - Tasmania, 4N - India and Ceylon.

No.5 Sub-Camp - The Hume Camp
Colour - Green

Sub-Camp Chief - C. S. SNOW, Esq., Silver Wolf (Chief Commissioner, Queensland).

Overseas - Japan, New Zealand. Interstate - New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia. Victorian Counties - Nunawading, Wannon, Geelong, South Western, Emu, Colac. Victorian Districts - Caulfield, St. Kilda, Mordialloc.


5A - Nunawading, 5B - St. Kilda, 5C - Free, 5D - Japan, 5E - Queensland, 5F - New Zealand, 5G - Mordialloc, 5H - New South Wales, 5J - Caulfield, 5K - Geelong, 5L - South Western, 5M - Emu, 5N - Colac, 5O - Free, 5P - Wannon, 5Q - Free, 5R - South Australia.