1935 Australian Jamboree
Frankston, Victoria

The 1st Australian Pan-Pacific Jamboree was held in Frankston (Victoria, Australia) between 27th December, 1934 and 13th January, 1935. This Jamboree was the first international gathering of Scouts outside Europe and the only Australian Jamboree attended by Lord Baden-Powell.

The site chosen, 280 acres south of Frankston, offered heathland, wooded hills and gullies, undulating terrain and ready access to the beach. Its elevated position provided panoramic views of the sea and mountains. Although relatively unspoilt, Frankston - with a population of 3,000 - was only 42 km south east of Melbourne.

The location was ideal, and so, this small town hosted the biggest event of its history. For the duration of the Jamboree, it was home to about 12,000 Scouts. By the conclusion of New Year's Day 62,000 visitors had passed through the gates. In addition, many thousands of invited guests - together with 12,000 Cubs, Guides and Brownies - had shared this unique experience.

This event, which was granted in acknowledgment of Melbourne's centenary was "not only one of the most successful, but one of the most inspiring of all Centenary celebrations." (The Jamboree in Australia).