1935 Australian Jamboree
The Council

The support and assistance of The Frankston and Hastings Shire Council has been well documented. Lord Baden-Powell, himself, when making his first site inspection, asked the State President, Colonel Harold Cohen, to convey to the Council his appreciation of the site; the Frankston Councilors in recommending the campsite at Frankston had, he felt, shown foresight. "In my opinion" he said, "it is the nearest approach to an ideal jamboree ground that I have yet seen" (Frankston and Somerville Standard, 4th January, 1935).

Those who attended the Jamboree, were to enjoy this magnificent location. Yet for Council, choosing the site was just the beginning. The Victorian Scout, March, 1934, reads as follows:

"One factor that is greatly helping is the magnificent co-operation and generosity of the Frankston and Hastings Council. They are giving us a very great deal. The Council is preparing and fencing the site, bringing in water and electric light, making the roads to the camp, arranging sanitary services and attending to several other major matters. This alone accounts for the reduced fees compared with other Jamborees. We are and should be eternally grateful for such magnificent support".